• Jacqueline Chow

10 Little Fingers

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I have ten little fingers and they all belong to me

I can make them do great things

Would you like to see?

I can shake them up high

and shake them down low

I can roll them altogether

and wave Hello

I can hide them from you

and bring them back Boo!

I can blow a little kiss

and tickle just like this!

This is an absolutely fun action song that introduces all that we can make with our hands!

Please check out the video at and/or below!

The musical strategy that I use in encouraging interactions in our little ones is to pause at the end of each musical phrase and leave it blank for our baby to fill up with sounds/words. If babies don't join in singing initially, it doesn't matter. We can just continue to sing and model how the song sounds like and eventually babies will join in singing/cooing/babbling once they are familiar with the tune!


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