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10 Tips for leading a successful Music Therapy Group in Special Education Settings

So last week I ran a total of 8 sessions in 5 hours and I served more than 80 children with special needs, mainly autism. I only had general information of the whole group of children and I didn’t know anyone at all!

Surprisingly, the sessions went exceptionally well and I thought I should write down the strategies that I didn’t even know I did, but somehow I did naturally within the sessions.

There were some meltdowns and chaos, of course, but the sessions all ended calmly and well. The moment the children walked out of the classroom calmly, I could tell that they were satisfied in terms of their sensory, cognitive, emotional and social needs.

How I wish I knew all these when I first worked in special education settings. Now I wish for you to know these strategies, for a great start of a new school term.

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