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Criss Cross, Apple Sauce

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

By Lynn Kleiner, Music Rhapsody

Criss Cross, Apple Sauce

Spider Crawling Up your back

Cool Breeze

Tightly Squeeze

And Now You've Got The Shivers!

Speak this rhyme slowly, gently and pause during each phrase to create suspense and anticipation. You can use it as a bonding song, during a diaper changing routine, while providing massage after a nice warm bath, or when changing baby to a new attire.

The key in making music with baby is to keep a steady beat! Providing steady strokes or tapping gently on the baby in a steady beat while singing or reciting a rhyme gives your baby the timing foundation needed to be a better reader, athlete and musician (Kleiner, 2000, p.4)!


Kleiner, L. (2000). Babies make music! For parents and their Babies. Miami, Florida: Warner Bros Publications, p.12.

Some science for you!

The motor cortex of our brain is activated when rhythm is processed in our brain. which explains why music and movement are intertwined! Imagine hitting the gym with or without music. Which way would make you run faster? With music, of course! Music is the natural substance that drives movements. It makes us happy, and is associated with lots of health-related benefits!

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