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Dump and Jump

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The children I work with just love the giant trucks, but I couldn’t find any songs that are catchy/ less stimulating/ suitable. Over the weekend while we were having breakfast, I told my children that I need help writing a song about the dump truck, and the excavator. All I did was to give them one line, and they spontaneously just rhymed and created the entire song!

My son also suggested a name for us, Jacqueline Brown & Kids 😂

Lyric Sheets can be found on here:

Dump and Jump (2)
Download PDF • 7.18MB

This is a 1 chord song (Dm) and if you like, you can decorate it with a little bit of Am7 / A. It is a Great and easy tune to introduce children to natural minor too! You can sing it with body percussion, movements, and in call-and-response!

We hope our children know even dump trucks who are big and strong need to rest and take a break, in imparting the knowledge of self-care. When we are well rested, we have plenty to give ❤️

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