• Jacqueline Chow

Here is the Beehive

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

(Traditional Nursery Rhymes)

*Here is the Beehive (Move your fist up in the air)

but where are the bees?

Hidden away where nobody sees. (Hide your fist behind your back)

Watch, and you'll see them, (Bring your fist to the front and "look" inside it)

come out of the hive*

One, two, three, four, five,(Count on your fingers) Buzzzzz (Tickle your baby)

Repeat* One, two, three, four, Buzzzzz

Repeat* One, two, three, Buzzzzz

Repeat* One, two, Buzzzzz

Repeat* One, Buzzzzz

This is a great song in promoting counting, fine motor skills and providing children with the excitement of anticipation. You can just read it aloud like a rhyme, or sing it with a catchy tune.

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(Babies do get distracted when they know they are being videoed =D)


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